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Client 2: Aliiance Francaise
Client 3: Pivot
Client 4: ISDIN
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Client 9: iSanctuary
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We have collaborated with anyone from startups to government bodies: our work shows our commitment to high-impact digital initiatives



We helped UNOPS with the enhancement of a system for displaced populations in Iraq. It included redesign, optimisation, and creation of a new strategy.

Next.jsPerformanceProduct ManagementSEO


We took on a complete digital transformation for iSanctuary, the leading asset-tracking platform.

Next.jsPhytonMobile Developement

Derive x Maison des Metallo

We crafted an integrated eco-designed platform with website, back-office, and app, for users to uncover Belleville's hidden gems.



We built a platform to educate Kering’s workforce on digital advancements and their environmental impacts.


We’re empowering a Sustainable Digital Revolution

Sustainable Practices

We know the ins and outs of the web’s environmental impact and practice sustainability in every line of code

Human Centric Design

Our core philosophy puts people at the centre, always ensuring accessibility, and a postive digital experience for all

Material Minimization

We design software suitable for contemporary devices as well as legacy OS, with the goal of reducing digital waste


We offer a range of services designed to support your digital products at all stages of developement


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A light and powerful app for Dérive

Enverse are helping us build the next version of Dérive. Thanks to their skills in development, eco-conception and project management, they allow us to continue developing a lightweight and pertinent application. Their strength of proposal, their listening skills, their rigour and their good mood make them ideal partners to develop our projects in confidence and in good intelligence

Kévin Echraghi

Kévin Echraghi

Hérétique Founder & CEO

Software for displaced populations in Iraq

Enverse Labs came on board to support us with the development of our software which helps displaced populations in Iraq access life-saving information about the humanitarian response. Among other things, they conducted an extensive analysis of our existing software and codebase to help identify pain points and much-needed upgrades. The team was professional, responsive, and very knowledgeable and we would happily work with them again

Charlotte Hallqvist

Charlotte Hallqvist

UNOPS Director of Communications

A new face for the leading social impact app

Enverse are talented professionals who really care about social and environmental impact. They are also fun to work with! If you are working on a social/environmental project, they will be great partners because they share your mission

Seira Yun

Seira Yun

Socious Founder & CEO


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Jesse Ramon-Brown

Jesse Ramon-Brown

CEO & Co-Founder

Christian Hamelin

Christian Hamelin

CTO & Co-founder

Adrien Belhomme

Adrien Belhomme

Marketing Director

Sustainable Dev

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Jesse Ramon Brown ,
CEO @ Enverse Labs
3 min

Where do online GHG come from?

It is becoming commong knowledge that our digital world is not dematerialised after all. 4% of worldwide GHG emissions come from the production and usage of our electronic gadgets. Let's have a look at where they come from.

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Christian Hamelin ,
CTO @ Enverse Labs
2 min

5 Things we Learned the Global Summit by the GSF

At Enverse, we strive to be active members of the global green software movement. We know that strength is in numbers and we were excited to see what big players such as Microsoft and Accenture had to say about these issues that passionate us.

Christian Hamelin ,
CTO @ Enverse Labs
2 min

Using NextJS to green the web

By leveraging frameworks like Next.js and static site rendering, we're able to build high-performing and eco-friendly applications that deliver an exceptional user experience. Static site rendering not only offers faster load times and improved SEO, but it also reduces server load and has a lower carbon footprint. By using modern web technologies like React and optimizing our code, we're able to create applications that are both eco-friendly and highly functional.

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