5 Things we Learned the Global Summit by the GSF

On june 15th 2022 we attended the Green Software Foundation's Global Summit. It was hosted virtually by the steering committee of the GSF. We talked about green software, climate change, the current heatwaves in the world, and the impact that we as consumers of digital services have on our planet. We summed up 5 key takeaways here that particularly struck us:


75% of the carbon footprint of a dell 700 is in the manufacturing process. With a staggering 40% just for the printed board, this was much more than what we thought ! This means that as software editors, we especially have to focus on retrocompatiblity.


We learned how to calculate the carbon intensity of our code KPI's get thrown around a lot, but this is arguably the most important one to know if we want to reduce impact published



Accessibility can be a selling point for more sustainable software Making more eco-friendly software makes it more accessible in harder to reach regions (think 3g network), thus increasing market share ! We hadn't thought of this, but it is a great selling point when engaging an eco-design prospect


The great open source tools created by the GSF Static analysis CI/CD tool SDK to create carbon aware applications


Designing mobile-first is a form of eco design As phones consumes less energy than an ordinary computer. Making your website accessible from mobile means it will consume less resources.


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